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SMARTY ComMod Unlock Module For 2010-2018 RAM 2500 3500 6.7L CUMMINS

Mads Electonics

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The MADS Smarty ComMod Communication Module unlocks the ECM in the 2013-2017 models and enables shift-on-the-fly capabilities in your 2010-2016 Dodge 6.7L Cummins. When installed to Smarty Touch’s under-dash controller, it allows the communication with the ECM over two distinct CAN Bus channels at the same time. The usual OBD II plug / bus and a secondary under hood service bus used by Cummins for the communication with external modules such as the VGT turbo, Oxygen sensors, etc..

Why The Additional Hardware?
During the development of the Smarty Touch, Smarty could not anticipate that they would have needed a third CAN Bus port to communicate with an ECM. When the 2013+ trucks hit the market it became clear that to unlock and communicate with those ECM’s a whole new strategy was needed.

On The Fly with the Smarty Touch
The Smarty Communication Module also enables shift-on-the-fly with the Smarty Touch on the 2010-2015 trucks. On the fly tuning allows you to change several parameters in real time. 

1) Duration, five levels.
2) Timing, three levels.
3) Rail Pressure, three levels.
4) VGT, three settings.

It is possible to change any of the above, all, or any combination you choose. Shift-on-the-fly for additional model years will be available soon!


  • Unlocks ECM 
  • Enables Shift-On-The-Fly 
  • Works With Smarty Touch

Unlocking the ECM with the ComMod.                                          

The ECM becomes unlocked during the first “traditional” software download. Our competitors need to change cables and software’s several times. Smarty Touch with the ComMod does not require any special procedure. The unlocking process is integrated seamlessly into the software download to the ECM. It does not take any longer than a download without the unlock procedure. Or, in other words, 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Buyer beware! The Smarty Touch will re-enable the ECM lock feature once returned to stock software. 


The ComMod is Needed for the 2013+ trucks since it is the only way to unlock the ECM.

The ComMod is optional for the OTF for compatible model years.