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1. Drain oil from transmission

2. Put the transmission into neutral.

3. Using a 10mm socket remove 6 bolts holding stock shifter from rear of tail housing. Keep these bolts to install the cover plate after the tail housing is re-installed. Remove the stock shifter. Fig 1

4. Using a T27 tork screwdriver bit, remove the 4 bolts holding the square cover plate where the new shifter will be mounted, new bolts are provided.

5. With a 3/16" punch, drive the roll pins out of the 3 selectors so they will come off the shafts when the tail housing is removed. If the pins fall down inside it will be ok because you can retrieve them when the tail housing is removed. Fig 2

6. Remove the eleven bolts holding the tail housing to the case. The lower 5 bolts have a white seal on the bolts, keep them separate so you can put them back in the same place you removed them. The other 6 have nothing on them and can go back in any order. Fig 3

7. Use a 1" piece of wood about 6" long to go under the case so there is clearance off the table for the tail housing to come off. If you want to stabilize the case, make yourself an aluminum "U" shaped adapter that you can bolt to the 4 bolts holes on the front of the trans, or you can make two upright pieces of alum, drilled to fit each side of the front holes of the trans. and will hold the case upright when the tail housing is removed.

8. Separate the tail housing from the case, in some instances a rubber hammer helps, in others the tail housing can be wiggled back and forth to separate them. Once the tail housing has a large enough gap, you can use a large screwdriver to help separate them as long as you don't hurt the gasket between them. Fig 4


9. As the tail housing slides back you can remove the 3 selectors. Put the selectors on a clean rag out of the way of the work area, keeping them in the order they came out. Fig 5

10. Now the male shift selector is exposed on the rail going into the back shifter sockets. With the 3/16 punch drive the pin out of the selector and remove it, start the roll pin back into it so if you convert it back you will have the parts still. Put it with the stock shifter and bolts. Fig 6

11. The middle shift selector has to be flipped over.  In order for proper shifting, grind the bottom side to look like the top.  That will ensure your 2-3 shift performance is same as original. The other option is to purchase Tremec part number 2606213 from one of Tremec Elite distributors. Fig 7

Fig 8 

12. Re-installing the tail housing has one caution, there are two small alignment dowel pins, watch closely when sliding them together that the pins don't rip the gasket. The housing will slide together and as you do put the middle selector on the shaft first, it has a shoulder on each side that the left and right can rest on as you slide them on. Put on the two outside ones. Put the tail housing up to the case and use two bolts without the sealer on them on the top two bolt holes to hold it together while you drive the 3 pins back into the selectors.

13 Re-install all the bolts making sure the five at the bottom have the white seal on them. Torque to factory spec's 16. Install mid shift shifter with bolts furnished. Install rear cover plate using bolts from stock shifter, this shifter and cover plate have o'ring seals on them, so no silcon or gasket material needs to be used. Re-install the original gaskets from stock shifter and front plate.

Fig 9

Fig 10 

14. Bench test to make sure you have all gears. Refill transmission with factory specified oil. Now you're ready to install in the vehicle. Happy motoring.