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APPLICATION: Late 1999.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel; Split Shot AD Injectors

You are bidding on one (1) Ford 7.3L fuel injector.  If you need more than one, Simply punch in the number you need in the "Quantity" box.

Brand new by Alliant Power.  Alliant was the OEM fuel injector supplier for Ford.  If you go to the dealer now, they will sell you a remanufactured injector.  These are BRAND NEW and not avialable at Ford.

Please note if you are new to the market looking for injectors.  Most injectors on the market are remanufactured (including your local dealer).  A general definition of remanufactured is as follows:  Disassemble, clean, inspect, re-use or replace parts as necessary, reassemble, test.  Do you want to take the chance with your high dollar 7.3 with the possiblility of used parts in your fuel injectors?

The original 7.3 injector was made to run on high sulfer diesel fuel.  Sulfer acts as a lubricant for a diesel fuel injector.  In 2007, the E.P.A. mandated the removal of most of the sulver from diesel fuel.  AKA: Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel.  This is fine for newer diesels which are designed to run on this cleaner fuel.  The lack of sulfer can cause excessive wear on the fuel injector pintle and seat of the 7.3L.  The injectors have been known to blow the pintle out the end of the worn injector seat and dump fuel into the cylinders.  This can hydrolock the motor and cause it to throw a rod. 

We have these injectors for sale individually or in full sets of eight.  Please note:  There is a $100 core charge added after purchase per injector which is fully refundable upon return of a good rebuildable core.  All Cores Must Be Returned Within 30 Days With An Rga Number, Customer Name, And Invoice Number In Order To Be Guaranteed A Core Credit.