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Pacific Performance Engineering

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PPE Low Profile Aluminum Transmission Pan - Brushed

If your diesel is on the down-low, then you need a PPE Low Profile Aluminum Transmission Pan. Cast from high-grade A356-T6 aluminum alloy right here in the USA, this stock capacity, 5-inch deep pan is for those who like their rides lowered to the ground, but still like their transmissions to run cool. Equipped with 3/4-inch external cooling fins to reduce oil temperature, these pans are tough thanks to the additional side ribbing. Included is one of PPE’s Neodymium magnet-equipped 17mm hex head SS drain plugs that attracts and holds harmful metal particles and new Allen head mounting hardware. Perfect for hot rod or marine applications. 
- 3/4-inch External cooling fins reduce oil temperature
- Cast from high grade aluminum alloy
- Robust side ribs provide additional strength
- 1/8-inch and 1/8-inch NPT threaded ports for gauge sensors
- 1-inch SS drain plug with large 17mm hex head and a powerful Neodymium magnet with re-usable Viton O-Ring
- Retains use of high quality original Allison pan gasket
- Includes new trans oil filter

Available for:
    GMC & Chevy 2001- current Allison™ 1000 Transmissions